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We wish to inform Martinians world-wide that the Old Martinians’ Association U.K. website is now being run solely by the Editor in a private capacity, and is no longer the "official" website for the Association based in the U.K. It will contain as much information as possible of the goings on of the Association in the UK. and of Martinian Associations elsewhere.

Our aim is to keep  all those who have an interest in La Martiniere Schools together, with articles, news, memories etc.  We already have a large number of the above in our Memories & Keepsakes section which we invite you to browse.

We welcome Martinians to contact us and give us their news, views and other information they would like to pass on and which we could air.

In the Password Protected Area you will find issues of the O M A UK Magazine, and Photos edited by myself from December 2008 to June 2013. Magazines from other Martinian Associations, where obtained ,are also included. This is password protected to observe Data Protection rules. If you wish to enter this area, please contact the Editor at obtain the password.   Links to the list of attendees at the last Reunion, and the Reunion report, and also to Reunion Reports from other Countries will be included as we obtain them.


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